After many years, my existing GPG public key ‘21C4 646F 2675 9AF0 C334 D6E3 5F92 7A18 60A8 14EC’ will be retiring. Rather than extending the validity, I generated new keys today, you can download that from my website or via, it’s cross signed by the expiring key, the new fingerprint is ‘9236 BD3C 1705 9F91 AF0A 6DD9 4D89 FFD8 F7C2 CF11’. The old key expires on August 9th, after four years in use. Searching for on the mit server shows I’ve been trying to use PGP since about 2007, which strikes me as odd. In fairness, I believe I know about four people with whom I’ve ever used PGP.

If anyone knows a good way to set that up on an android phone, for me the hitch was securely loading the private key file, please let me know. I think I was very let down about how indirect file transfer to android turned out to be. On a mac, I was able to get an android file transfer program, but I was really expecting to just mount the device when connected to a usb cord.