Just installed terminology from the Enlightenment team. If you’d used Eterm before, you can sort of expect some of the bells and whistles that might pop up here.

It was pretty slick from the get go. Rather than Eterm’s default random image, there’s a top-lit gray background. Control-t to make a ‘tab’ populates a new window (no automation). The cursor pulsates in blue-white when the window is focused, and stays pale blue in a ready state when the window is out of focus. Switching ‘tabs’ by clicking the top right widget brings an animated selection window (also available from Control-Shift-Home), Control-PgUp or PgDn switch ‘terminals’ in series. The man page (where I’m reading most of these as I try them out), is pretty friendly.

The nicest feature is the visible bell, a bright red police siren in the bottom right corner of the window. You know you hit a boo-boo when that happens. Their preview screenshots include ‘powerline’ which is a piece of flair that a coworker installed a few days ago when it made the fedora homepage in his browser (that’s the bright blue PS1 and ido-mode style tab completions).