I realize that advertising and subscription revenue is lower than expected.

I appreciate that you are a business, you have employees to pay, they are the glue that cements a thoughtful society.

I understand that “free content” and “fake news” are dangerously intertwined.

I don’t mind your paywalls. I don’t mind you counting my article count each month.

I’ll let you know, relying on javascript to force my hand is a bad plan. When you prompt me to pay, I copy the url (you don’t usually redirect, just load a script to put a screen over the content), and paste into lynx. I read your site in plain text, see the writing, get no ads, and just pretend your images showed up. When I get really sad about your business, I run wget and just fetch all your pages. I used to use calibre to read your feeds (again, if you don’t have javascript, the pages are all fine).

I wish you the best. I hope your reporters keep reporting. I won’t subscribe, the best you seem to offer a regular reader is a crossword. I am sorry America became this kind of country.