Another certification in Linux system administration is the LPIC , this is a less stringent certificate as it’s a multiple choice exam that only tests knowledge, rather like a CLEP exam for linux. Having taken CLEP tests in the past, and received passing grades in a broad range of subjects, it’s my opinion that this might be a limited gauge of competence (and the reason RHCE and RHCSA are lab based only). The advantages, of course, are that the multiple choice exams are easier, so if you’re looking to get a basic certification and put a stamp on your resume, this might be the right place to start. Certainly, nothing in the vendor neutral LPI exam will be a hindrance to working toward the RHCSA test, and some authors suggest that this level of competence is appropriate to starting on the path to the redhat certificates.

Exam Objectives for the LPIC 101 exam. It’s clever to see that dpkg and rpm based package management receive equal footing there. You need to register for an LPI ID, and either order a voucher from LPI to take the tests at one of the testing centers, or you can register via CompTIA and take the exam to earn the LPIC-1 plus CompTIA Linux+ at the same time.

Here’s their list of text filter items for 103.2 Process streams using filters, as an example of the level of content (there are other sections).

  • cat
  • cut
  • expand
  • fmt
  • head
  • join
  • less
  • nl
  • od
  • paste
  • pr
  • sed
  • sort
  • split
  • tail
  • tr
  • unexpand
  • uniq
  • wc