So I wrote a basic script to push this to the remote. This script is ~/bin/publish, it runs jekyll build and git push in my site’s sources. You can see the remote at github. I had though incremental was what I wanted, however experimenting showed there were issues when adding new content.


cd ~/src/myblog

# Build and upload
jekyll build # --incremental
rsync -Pauv _site/

# checkin changes and send to github
git add .
git commit -m "automated $(date +%Y-%m-%d-%T)"
git push origin master

security note

For those of you concerned about this sort of thing, I just made a path disclosure for both the local and remote, as well as a username disclosure. Now if you only had my private keys, you could change this site. For a static site, I’m fairly comfortable that there are limited consequences.

emacs integration

So I was thinking I’d like to add a hook to these files (maybe put it on “*.markdown” as it’s unlikely I’ll use those otherwise). As a first step, I just call the shell-command now from M-x publish, as I was getting a little tired of going to a terminal to run and watch one command.


(defun publish ()
  (shell-command "publish"))